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We are Pacifix Supply, a dynamic ship chandler company based in Punta Arenas. This strategic base of operations plus our logistics and technical supply expertise mean that we have the ability to give a quick and highly competitive offer to our customers in the Magellan and Antarctic territories.

Our primary focus is to provide specialized supply services to vessels navigating the Strait of Magellan, the Beagle channel, Patagonian fjords and Antarctica. Our team of trained professionals is available 24/7 to offer round-the-clock service to our customers. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all our customers’ requirements.

Our Mission

“Provide high Quality supply chain and logistic services to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of customer service, reliability and professionalism.”

Our Vision

“To be the leading maritime supplier in the Magellan and Antarctic territories, recognized for our commitment in excellence, customer satisfaction and integrity.”

Why Us

Customer Focus

We are committed to deliver exceptional customer service by meeting or exceeding our customer´s expectations in every interaction.


We maintain the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our business, from product selection to service delivery.


We are honest, transparent and fair. These characteristics are essential for building trust with our customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.


We have the ability to consistently deliver high quality products and services that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Products & Services

We are your one-stop-shop for all your ship supply needs in Chile. Our extensive range of products includes everything from provisions, deck equipment, safety gear, cabin equipment, naval hardware, tools, navigation equipment, electrical supplies and cleaning supplies, among others.

Provisions & Bonded Stores


Cheese, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, drinks, fast food, cereals, legumes, fresh/frozen meat and fish, drinking water, bread, canned food and others.

Cabin Goods

Cabin Goods

Fabrics and linen, detergents and cleaning products, household items, dishes and kitchen utensils, toiletries, brushes and mats, locks and latches, etc.

Deck Goods

Deck goods

Mooring ropes, anchor chains, marine equipment, maps, signs, Tools, hoses, couplings, valves, electrical, consumables, cleaning equipment, pipes, flanges, etc.

Safety Products


Life jackets, life buoys, breathing kits, survival equipment accessories, navigation lights, fire extinguishers, gas detectors, fire suits, etc.

Electrical & Equipment


Light bulbs and lanterns, navigation instruments, searchlights, computers, copiers, refrigerators, washing machines, grinders, plugs, sockets, batteries and chargers, cables, switches, etc.

Paints & Accessories


Heat-resistant paints, rollers and flat brushes, anti-slip paints, finishing paints, specialty paints, airless paint spraying machines.

Storage Owners Goods Services


Comprehensive logistics system for the storage and forwarding of spare parts when required on board.

Waste Disposal


Garbage disposal, Dunnage, Slop-Sludge, hazardous waste.
Covered by MARPOL convention.

Import & Export Services


Quick importation process for any specific inquiry. Pacifix Supply also exports a wide variety of products, exceeding the expectations of our demanding clients.

Categories We Serve


Bulk Carriers

Bulk Carriers


Research Vessels



Naval Vessels


Cruise Ships


Container Ships

Salmon Farms

Salmon Farms



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